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Meet Rebecca:



Rebecca Greenstein is the founder, producer and director of three companies in NYC, Opera Moderne, L'Opera Burlesque  and The Hot Box Girls. She holds two degrees in the arts, including a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in Musical Theatre from Texas State University. She has been educated in all aspects of Music and Theatre including stagecraft, stage lighting, costuming and wardrobe, hair and make-up, theatre management, contract negotiations, material preparation, web design, public relations and marketing, music and theatre history, music theory, sight-singing and ear-training, vocal performance, pedagogy, stage and film acting, voice-over, movement, dance, and stage direction. 


Opera Moderne is critically acclaimed for its productions by the New York Times, Der Standard and Opera News to name a few.  The Hot Box Girls and L'Opera Burlesque are the darlings of Time Out New York as "the top 5 things to do in NYC" and a regular critic's pick of things to see in New York.



Opera Singer, Actress, Cabaret Performer, Burlesque Diva, TV/Film and Voice-Over Artist, Rebecca Greenstein has been recognized for…“feel(ing) the music, offering great comedic timing and beautiful dramatic interpretations of each role and piece she performs…she is no stranger to the stage and has not only been trained well vocally for years, but in acting and dance as well, making her a wonderfully versatile performer." ​

The Austin American Statesman says “…Rebecca Greenstein manage(s) to simultaneously show off her beautifully trained voice and fine-tuned skills as a comedian.”   The Irish Echo, The Flushing Times and The Bayside Times agree “a much-admired performer…” and the evening included “an imperious fare-thee-well (performance) by the imposing Rebecca Greenstein.”

Ms. Greenstein has worked with such companies as The Lyric National Opera, Dicapo Opera Theatre, The Violet Crown Players, Zilker Theatre Productions, Austin Musical Theatre, JABAN USA, One World Symphony, Mezzo Television, Pristine Pictures, Sir Murray Productions and many more.  Her singing work includes venues in NYC from Don't Tell Mama and Stage 72 to Duane Park and the Bohemian National Hall.


Ms. Greenstein performed in 2014 with theL'Opera Burlesque tour of "Vignette Coquette" in Treiste & Sequals, Italy,  followed by the Hot Box Girls “Crown Jewels” Musical appearance at the Society of The Performing Arts in Houston in January of 2015.  In the summer of 2015 & 2016 Ms. Greenstin performed with The Hot Box Girls performed at the internationally acclaimed Porgy & Bess Jazz and Music Club in Vienna, Austria where they presented their Jazz Variety and L'Opera Burlesque shows to sold-out crowds. Ms. Greenstein will continue her European tour in the 2017-2018 Season.

Voice-Over & Recordings


Beyond opera and stage work you can see and hear Ms. Greenstein in the feature film "Hollywood Heroine" that premiered at the 2008 Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals.  She provides the voice for the lead actress in the film, both Opera and Jazz genres.

Ms. Greenstein's musical recording work includes works by Bernard J. Taylor.  She can be heard in the original cast recording for "Liberty" and the musical "Road to Madness" which is currently in workshop production.

Critically acclaimed by the New York Times, Der Standard, Opera News and Time Out New York, Ms. Greenstein's works continue to astound and excite audiences around the world.

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